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Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone.  Some of you have been emailing me about the broken image links to the Professional Team Colors and College Colors & Nicknames sections of my site.  Rest assured, I'm working on getting them corrected.

To be perfectly honest, it will be more than a bunch of corrections; for the time being, I will be using the blog for all updates to the site - the old site will no longer be maintained, and a new one will take its place in the very near future.

I have been hard at work behind the scenes regenerating all 7,549 professional team color swatch images...I made a few minor cosmetic changes to the report itself (these are all generated from Microsoft Access databases - someday I'll share how I track all of this stuff), and felt it warranted a complete reload of the images.  The process is only partially automated; it still takes me a LOT of time to get all of this completed.

I am also regenerating all of the College color sets as well; not quite as many in total as the pro color sets, but still is a bit time-consuming.

What this will mean is that starting tomorrow, I will begin posting individual posts on this blog that will contain a single league's team colors listings with links to the images on Photobucket (no popups for now), and you can reference them using the tags I will attach to each post.

And, I will get on a redesign for the site (using WordPress for now), which will not only replace the old, incredibly outdated site I've been using for eons, and will also replace this blog.  I'm trying to hold everything in one place for once.

Stay tuned...

I have actually been working on these for a while now, but I thought I would get around to presenting some of the historical marks that have been created by Major League Baseball as part of the Cooperstown Collection. These primary logos, cap logos, uniform scripts and sleeve patches have been painstakingly researched and created in vector form by the MLB. They cover all franchises from 1900 through the present. My intent is to show these graphics as they should look digitally (using the sRGB color space), representing current Pantone standards.

The majority of Major League Baseball graphics have been released except for a number of marks that weren't able to be legally trademarked. Each logo went through a trademark validation process, and those marks that couldn't be trademarked had to be left out. So, anything that is missing is more than likely due to the fact that they weren't included, and I do not have them.

I'm starting with the Kansas City Athletics (1955 through 1967). This franchise was formerly known as the Philadelphia Athletics (1901 through 1954), and is now known as the Oakland Athletics (1968 through present). This is a relatively small set of graphics that will serve as a good sample of what I will able to present moving forward.

Primary Mark (1955-1967):

Note: Despite the color change starting in 1963, the Blue and Red elephant logo was still in use as the primary mark.

Alternate Primary Mark (1963-1967):

Note: This alternate primary mark was used in conjunction with the primary mark.

Secondary Mark (1955-1960):

Note: This logo was displayed on the sleeves of both the home and road uniforms between 1955 and 1960.

Home Cap Mark (1955-1959):

Home Cap Mark (1960):

Home Cap Mark (1961-1962):

Home Cap Mark (1963-1964):

Home Cap Mark (1965-1967):

Road Cap Mark (1955-1959):

Road Cap Mark (1960):

Road Cap Mark (1961):

Road Cap Mark (1962):

Road Cap Mark (1963-1964):

Road Cap Mark (1965-1967):

Alternate Cap Mark (1967):

Home Uniform Script (1955-1960):

Home Uniform Script (1961):

Home Uniform Script (1962):

Home Uniform Script (1963):

Home Uniform Script (1964-1967):

Home Uniform Script 2 (1964-1967):

Home Uniform Script 3 (1965-1967):

Road Uniform Script (1955-1960):

Road Uniform Script (1961):

Road Uniform Script (1962):

Road Uniform Script (1963):

Road Uniform Script (1964-1967):

Road Uniform Script 2 (1964):

Road Uniform Script 3 (1964-1965):

Alternate Uniform Script (1963):

Note: A number of interchangeable home and road uniform options were present between 1963 and 1967.

I will eventually get to all of the MLB franchises; I have the Arizona Diamondbacks, Kansas City Royals and Los Angeles/California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim graphics nearly completed.
The following is the latest set of graphics that have been released for the NHL Stadium Series set for the 2014-2015 season, and to be played at the brand-new Levi's Stadium. Teams participating will be the Los Angeles Kings, and the host San Jose Sharks.

Primary Mark:

Primary Mark - Sponsor Version (with Coors Light branding):

Primary Mark 1 / "Tune-In" Broadcast Mark:

Primary Mark 2 / "Tune-In" Broadcast Mark:


Wordmark (on Blue background):

Wordmark - Sponsor Version (with Coors Light branding):

Wordmark - Sponsor Version (with Coors Light branding on Blue background):

One of my many RGB-optimized projects that I've come up with is to display college athletics marks by conference. Having grown-up in West Lafayette, Indiana - the son of a Purdue Economics professor - I wanted to start off with the Big Ten Conference.

(I'm a U. of North Texas grad myself, so you know I'll want to get to Conference USA soon as well.)

I'll just be displaying the primary athletic marks for the most part...for a lot of schools, I have secondary marks, wordmarks, etc., but I'll save those for individual school posts.

And yes - those are the most recent marks for Illinois, Ohio State and Purdue...all which have been modified in past year or two.

Conference Mark:

East Division:

Indiana U:

U. of Maryland:

U. of Michigan:

Michigan State U:

Ohio State U.:

Penn State U.:

Rutgers U.:

West Division:

U. of Illinois:

U. of Iowa:

U. of Minnesota:

U. of Nebraska:

Northwestern U.:

Purdue U.:

U. of Wisconsin: