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Getting back to my RGB-Optimization project, which displays graphics that have been modified using the sRGB color space. This shows graphics for the web that more closely match how they might look if printed using spot colors.

First up, the National Football League, and the Arizona Cardinals. These graphics have been used since 2005.

Primary Logo:

Wordmark 1:

Wordmark 2:

Primary Logo with Wordmark / Vertical:

Primary Logo with Wordmark / Horizontal 1:

Primary Logo with Wordmark / Horizontal 2:

Uniform Wordmark:

Helmet/Left-Side Three-Quarter-View Graphic:

Helmet/Right-Side Three-Quarter-View Graphic:

Helmet/Left-Side Graphic:

Helmet/Right-Side Graphic:

Helmet/Front-View Graphic:

Helmet/Back-View Graphic:

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