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I changed my mind (again) about including helmet facemask colors. So, they're back in again. I have also included the new Super Bowl logo colors (XLV) - which are basically just White and Black.

I'll be adding back the facemask colors to the other leagues shortly.
I have updated the team colors for the NBA Development League (includes both the former name - National Basketball Development League - and the current D-League name):

I have updated the team colors for Major League Soccer - all individual color swatch images, and all PDF documents as well. I have been working hard at getting my new Team Colors format in place, and generating color swatch images for the site. Here is what has been uploaded so far: - Pro Franchise Team Colors

...and, here is detail as to what leagues have been updated:

A few notes:

  • I have decided to eliminate baseball road uniform colors from these reports...since the MLB has never standardized the exact colors (i.e., Pantone colors), it is difficult to say exactly what individual teams are actually wearing.  However in certain cases, specific Pantone/PMS colors are being designated, and I do display them.  For example, '80s-era Powder Blue road unis are included, as are more unique colors like the current San Diego Padres' Khaki road uniforms.  I am in fact, continuing to track road uniform colors; I am just excluding them from the reports.
  • Along the lines of excluding certain colors, I am now also excluding football Gray helmet facemask colors.  Same theory as the baseball road uniforms.
  • You might also notice that I am now providing the team colors in two different formats - both in the individual JPEG swatch images (that pop-up when you click on the links), and in a PDF document by Franchise Type (Franchise Colors, League Colors, Event records, etc.).
I will continue to update the remaining leagues over the next couple of months...