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With the recent unveiling of the NFL's Arizona Cardinals' alternate uniform, I thought I'd take the opportunity to present the Cards' current uniform set.

Helmet to be used with all three uniforms (right side):

Home/Dark jersey:

Road/Light jersey:

Alternate jersey:

Light pants:

Dark pants:

Alternate pants:

Primary socks (worn with light and dark pants):

Alternate socks (worn with alternate uniforms):

Here's the RGB-optimized version of the just-released NBA All-Star Game logo for the 2010-2011 season, to be played in Los Angeles:

Version to be used on dark backgrounds:

(With all of these posted graphics, click on the image for a larger size.)
Here are today's updates:

    A massive update on

    In addition, the following leagues have had some minor updates:

    I will work on Lacrosse, additional Soccer, and other various leagues before concentrating on minor league basketball.
    As most of you know, I have been working on moving the SSUR (The Society for Sports Uniforms Research) moniker over to something more color-specific. I created the “ColorWerx” trademark for that very purpose. As of last Thursday (04/08/2010), I moved my website over to a new hosting company, and performed a minor re-working of the site to remove the SSUR references and replace them with ColorWerx. Eventually, I will be unveiling a complete overhaul of the site (it’s a really old and crappy FrontPage-thing right now), but I thought it was somewhat important to get the word out to let everyone know of my intentions.

    As you have also seen, I have created a logo (see previous post) for this new focus and direction. Hopefully, it conveys the aspects of this new approach:
    • Continued professional and collegiate sports colors research.
    • Research of colors and color science in printing, fabrics, and especially digital media.
    • The creation of various utilities for assisting in graphic design – color matching, detailed color specifications, analyzing color trends in fashion and sports, etc.
    Any and all comments, criticisms, etc. are greatly appreciated!

      New ColorWerx Logo!

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      I have been developing a new logo that will allow me to move forward in my color science and research endeavor:

      In addition, I have developed a "secondary" mark - using the 'CWx' acronym:

      If anyone's wondering, I used Orbit for the are the colors used - I used four of the new PANTONE Goe system's base colors:

      Just as an FYI - all PANTONE Goe base colors have numeric equivalents as well - PANTONE Strong Red C equates to PANTONE 32-1-7 C, PANTONE Bright Green C equates to PANTONE 105-1-7 C, PANTONE Medium Blue C equates to PANTONE 94-1-7 C, and PANTONE Neutral Black C equates to PANTONE 165-1-7 C.