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As most of you already know, the new Winnipeg Jets (formerly the Atlanta Thrashers) of the National Hockey League have released most of their new marks for the 2011-2012 season. Here's a look at them optimized for the sRGB color space:

Primary Logo (metallic version):

Primary Logo (flat, non-metallic version):

Secondary Logo (metallic version):

Secondary Logo (flat, non-metallic version):

Wordmark 1 (metallic version):

Wordmark 1 (flat, non-metallic version):

Wordmark 2 (metallic version - for use on dark backgrounds):

Wordmark 2 (flat, non-metallic version - for use on dark backgrounds):

In regards to the Jets' new color scheme, it bears noting that there is another version of the wordmark that utilizes a lighter shade of Blue - however, this particular Blue doesn't appear to be part of the primary color palette. Here's a look at the Jets' new colors:

I don't have the confirmed Pantone value for that lighter Blue yet, but I'm fairly confident as to what it is supposed to be.

I should also mention that I believe that this particular set of marks is a great example of how some designers sometimes pick a set of colors straight out of Illustrator - and using older swatch libraries to boot - and don't give any thought as to how the colors will look when printed. The Red and Dark Red - in my opinion - do not work well together. The lighter Red does not balance well at all against the Dark Red...I'm sure when the designers put these colors together in Illustrator they looked fine on screen, but I don't believe any thought was put into how these particular shades would look when printed using the spot inks. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see these colors tweaked a bit in the near future.

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