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This begins a new series of optimized graphics for the sRGB color space. In the next few days, I will be presenting - by team - each of the 30 MLB clubs and their respective official graphics. I will start by displaying only those clubs that aren't making changes for 2012, and then posting new designs once they are officially unveiled.

First off is the 2011 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals.

Primary Mark:

Secondary Mark:

Alternate Mark 1:

Alternate Mark 2:


Home Cap / BP Cap:

Road Cap:

Alternate Cap:

Home Uniform Script:

Road Uniform Script:

BP Uniform Script:

Home Uniform Back Numerals/Lettering:

Road Uniform Back Numerals/Lettering:

BP Uniform Back Numerals/Lettering:

Jacket Designation Script:

Silhouetted Batter Mark:

Venue Mark 1 - Busch Stadium:

Venue Mark 2 - Busch Stadium:

That's all for the Cardinals...check back for the next team soon...

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