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Next up are the Arizona Diamondbacks. The D-Backs made a minor change to their graphics for 2012 - the primary mark is now just the "A" mark - sans the wordmark. The "A" plus the wordmark is still part of their graphics package however.

Primary Mark:

Primary Mark with Wordmark 1:

Primary Mark with Wordmark 2:

Secondary Mark 1:

Secondary Mark 2:

Home / Road / Alternate / BP Cap:

Alternate Home Cap:

Home Uniform Script:

Road Uniform Script:

Alternate Home Uniform Script:

Alternate Uniform Script:

BP Uniform Uniform Script:

Home Uniform Back Numerals/Lettering:

Road Uniform Back Numerals/Lettering:

Alternate Home Uniform Back Numerals/Lettering:

Alternate / BP Uniform Back Numerals/Lettering:

Home Uniform Left Sleeve Mark:

Road Uniform Left Sleeve Mark:

Alternate Home Uniform Left Sleeve Mark:

Alternate Uniform Left Sleeve Mark:

Silhouetted Batter Mark:

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  1. Anonymous On April 3, 2012 at 7:14 PM

    Many thanks for these great images! Will make excellent wallpaper for my desktop/phone/etc. for the coming season.


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