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Since the takeover/handover of the National Football League uniform contract by Nike, there have been a number of subtle color changes for the individual teams. Here is a breakdown:
  • Arizona Cardinals: no color changes.
  • Atlanta Falcons: the Silver (and the flat, non-metallic alternate Silver) has been slightly changed.
  • Baltimore Ravens: no color changes.
  • Buffalo Bills: no color changes.
  • Carolina Panthers: the flat, non-metallic alternate Silver has been changed. Very subtle change.
  • Chicago Bears: no color changes.
  • Cincinnati Bengals: no color changes.
  • Cleveland Browns: no real color changes, although the custom Reebok color used for the Brown is now designated as a generic custom color.
  • Dallas Cowboys: the Silver used in the wordmarks and in the dark/road uniforms has been changed, along with the flat, non-metallic alternate Silver. The Royal Blue used in the light/home uniforms has also been modified.
  • Denver Broncos: no color changes.
  • Detroit Lions: the Silver (and the flat, non-metallic alternate Silver) has been changed.
  • Green Bay Packers: no color changes. However, the "Acme Packers" Classic uniforms have been discontinued for 2012.
  • Houston Texans: no color changes.
  • Indianapolis Colts: no color changes.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: the Metallic Gold - which is only used in the helmet decal - has been changed. The flat Gold used elsewhere has not been modified.
  • Kansas City Chiefs: the Red has been modified. It's a long story, but the Red (in print) has been restored to the shade used prior to 2007. It probably won't look any different at all on-field.
  • Miami Dolphins: no color changes.
  • Minnesota Vikings: the Purple has been changed to the value used prior to 2010. Like the Chiefs, it probably won't look any different on-field.
  • New England Patriots: the Silver (and the flat, non-metallic alternate Silver) has been changed.
  • New Orleans Saints: the Old Gold (and the flat-non-metallic alternate Gold) has been changed. The other multiple Golds have also been removed. In addition, the Old Gold and flat, non-metallic Gold used in the Classic uniforms has also been changed.
  • New York Giants: no color changes. However, the secondary mark - Giants Stadium mark - has been removed (a couple years too late) - so the Brown and Beige used in that mark have been removed.
  • New York Jets: no color changes. However, the New York Titans' (Classic uniforms) color designation for the Gold/Bronze has been changed.
  • Oakland Raiders: no color changes.
  • Philadelphia Eagles: the flat, non-metallic Silver used in the marks has been slightly changed. For the record, the Eagles use two different Silvers (plus Charcoal) in their uniforms; the Silver used in the helmet decal is different than the ones used for the logos on print and on the uniforms themselves. Charcoal is used on all uniform trim and striping.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: the Royal Blue used in the primary mark has been slightly modified. In addition, there has been an introduction of 1934-era "Classic" uniforms.
  • St. Louis Rams: no color changes. However, the Royal Blue used in the Classic throwback uniforms has been modified.
  • San Diego Chargers: no color changes.
  • San Francisco 49ers: no color changes.
  • Seattle Seahawks: brand-new color scheme. What I'll also add is that all of the colors now being used have NOT been used previously. All new.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: the Pewter that had been designated as a custom Reebok color since 2008, is now designated as the original Pantone metallic color, or as a generic custom color.
  • Tennessee Titans: the flat, non-metallic alternate Silver has been changed.
  • Washington Redskins: no real color changes, but since the throwback Gold pants have apparently been scrapped, the lighter Burgundy used in said pants has been removed.
NFL color specifications always (at least, since 1997) include Pantone Textile equivalents which indicate fabric color matches. Over the last ten years, Reebok has substituted some of the "standard" Pantone Textile colors with their own, proprietary colors. For example, "Seahawks Blue", "Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pewter" and "Cleveland Browns Brown" were all custom-made Reebok colors. Since Nike took over, these proprietary colors have been either eliminated, specified as different colors, or kept on as custom colors.

However, this is all somewhat a moot point since Nike uses their own set of custom fabric/textile/dye matches anyway.

(For the record - adidas/Reebok uses Dystar textiles for their uniform/fabric production, making the whole Pantone Textile system purely for reference sake.)

The bottom line is that the colors we all will see on the field might change slightly due to the changeover in manufacturers, but all in all there shouldn't be too much in the way of differences.

For a complete visual rundown of all NFL team colors - including the new 2012 color sets, go to - NFL Team Colors.

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