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One of my many RGB-optimized projects that I've come up with is to display college athletics marks by conference. Having grown-up in West Lafayette, Indiana - the son of a Purdue Economics professor - I wanted to start off with the Big Ten Conference.

(I'm a U. of North Texas grad myself, so you know I'll want to get to Conference USA soon as well.)

I'll just be displaying the primary athletic marks for the most part...for a lot of schools, I have secondary marks, wordmarks, etc., but I'll save those for individual school posts.

And yes - those are the most recent marks for Illinois, Ohio State and Purdue...all which have been modified in past year or two.

Conference Mark:

East Division:

Indiana U:

U. of Maryland:

U. of Michigan:

Michigan State U:

Ohio State U.:

Penn State U.:

Rutgers U.:

West Division:

U. of Illinois:

U. of Iowa:

U. of Minnesota:

U. of Nebraska:

Northwestern U.:

Purdue U.:

U. of Wisconsin:

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  1. Anonymous On June 17, 2014 at 10:59 AM

    Doesn't Maryland now use the state flag styled M for their primary now.


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